| Eric Bauer & Carina Khorkhordina

out on Zoomin' Night (tape + digital, 2023)

Eric Bauer and Carina Khorkhordina have been working together as a duo since early 2018. In addition to their live concert activities (extended electronics + trumpet), since 2020 they have been focusing on site-specific outdoor performances in Berlin, a selection of which is presented on this tape.



(photography by Carina Khorkhordina)

Eric Bauer — extended electronics
Carina Khorkhordina — trumpet

Carina Khorkhordina on trumpet and Eric Bauer on extended electronics are both autodidact musicians active in the field of improvised music. The duo started in early 2018 in Berlin and is exploring an extensive variety of possibilities, from transparency of small sounds and microscopic changes/disturbing silences to loudness and density. The duo has a complementing/oppositional setup of Eric's wide range of instruments — analog modular synthesizer, sampler, objects, elements of percussion and strings and Carina's trumpet on the other side. Their live performances are often characterized by an extensive use of space and movement. They have regularly collaborated with other musicians and artists and, aside from the duo activities, are playing together in Slurge (with Wolfgang Seidel on drums and electronics and Burkhard Beins on electric bass).
The duo has released their debut tape on tmrw> label in 2019, followed by the second album presenting their site-specific work on Zoomin' Night in 2023. In addition to their live concert activities, since 2020 they have been focusing on site-specific outdoor performances in Berlin.

aufgedunsen (recorded in Berlin in May 2019)

Eric Bauer (electronics) + Ilia Belorukov (alto sax) + Carina Khorkhordina (trumpet) on VA VOL III double cassette from DAIZY & HOLY

C-50 ferro tape
recorded live at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin on 03.11.2018 (side A) and 31.05.2018 (side B)
recording, mixing and mastering by Adam Asnan (aa-rec.net)

Carina Khorkhordina — trumpet
Eric Bauer — modular synthesizer

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