Textet live at Loophole

Eric Bauer — electric guitar
Samuel Hall — drums
Carina Khorkhordina — trumpet
Antti Virtaranta — electric bass
live at Loophole, Berlin
June 26th 2019

Slurge live at Superbooth 19

SLURGE live @ Superbooth 19, Berlin
Eric Bauer — guitar, electronics
Burkhard Beins — bass
Carina Khorkhordina — trumpet
Wolfgang Seidel — electronics
May 10th 2019

Klub Demboh

(photo by Carina Khorkhordina)

The Berlin-based group Klub Demboh has since spring 2017, on a weekly basis, developed an open and multiform music in which the unexpected often has drastic consequences. Improvisation on the verge of total collapse. Klub Demboh is a revitaliser of the Berlin experimental music scene in its openness, tense precision and dynamic crater of timbres and organised sounds, text and movements. The Klub erupts immer Mondays. The 11-piece band has frequent guests, allowing for a slowly but surely constant changing Audio Visual Polyphony.

Pierre Borel - saxophone
Antonio Borghini - bass
Mia Dyberg - saxophone
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Korhan Erel - electronics
Michael Griener - percussion
Joel Grip - bass
Tristan Honsinger - cello
Carina Khorkhordina - trumpet
Frauke Nowak - movements
Marie Takahashi - viola

Klub Demboh, immer montags at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin


C-50 ferro tape
recorded live at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin on 03.11.2018 (side A) and 31.05.2018 (side B)
recording, mixing and mastering by Adam Asnan (aa-rec.net)

Carina Khorkhordina — trumpet
Eric Bauer — modular synthesizer

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Listen and download digital files at AA-REC

Played Twice

Played Twice | Berlin
Played Twice | Kaliningrad

The series Played Twice is based on the photographs I made in 2012—2013 in Kaliningrad, Russia. In 2016 I marked the locations where those photos had been made, on the map of Kaliningrad. The resulting scheme was converted into an appropriate scale and superimposed onto the map of Berlin, which gave me 39 semi-random locations in which I started to photograph. Текст / Text