That Chair

Instead of using a situation or an object as a starting point for making photographs, the series That Chair, uses a random number generator to determine the moments throughout the day when a picture is to be made. This series refuses to divide things into the categories interesting/uninteresting, worthy of ones’ attention or not, but instead is based on the idea of accepting whatever comes, leading to the emergence of meaning out of "nothing" and the awareness of oneself in the surrounding space. Текст / Text

Played Twice

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The series Played Twice consists of 3 parts: 1, 2, and 3. It is based on the photographs I made in 2012—2013 in Kaliningrad, Russia. In 2016 I marked the locations where those photos had been made, on the map of Kaliningrad. The resulting scheme was converted into an appropriate scale and superimposed onto the map of Berlin, which gave me 39 semi-random locations in which I started to photograph — and in general introduced the randomness into my practice (the notion of working with random numbers is inspired by John Cage's use of chance operations). Текст / Text