C-50 ferro tape
recorded live at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin on 03.11.2018 (side A) and 31.05.2018 (side B)
recording, mixing and mastering by Adam Asnan (

Carina Khorkhordina — trumpet
Eric Bauer — modular synthesizer

Areal [work in progress]

I started with the simple idea that everywhere there is something to see. Giving all places equal importance, and in order to focus my attention, I choose particular locations in Berlin for exploration with the aid of random numbers. After one year of photographing in solitude, I started to see these locations as opening up possibilities for collaboration with other people, so I invited the trumpet player and composer Axel Dörner to record the sound of the places and his own music there. [work in progress]

Played Twice

Played Twice | Berlin
Played Twice | Kaliningrad

The series Played Twice is based on the photographs I made in 2012—2013 in Kaliningrad, Russia. In 2016 I marked the locations where those photos had been made, on the map of Kaliningrad. The resulting scheme was converted into an appropriate scale and superimposed onto the map of Berlin, which gave me 39 semi-random locations in which I started to photograph. Текст / Text