Burkhard Beins and Axel Dörner in Köpenick

Axel Dörner – trumpet
Burkhard Beins – objects & percussion

July 2018
Großer Müggelsee / Köpenick, Berlin

the location and the still photograph from Areal /Berlin series by Carina Khorkhordina

sound recorded by Axel Dörner
filmed by Carina Khorkhordina


Eric Bauer – percussion, frog
Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet

Mercedes Platz, Berlin
"Der Mercedes Platz ist das Herzstück des Stadtquartiers entlang der East Side Gallery."
spring 2022

location scouting by Eric Bauer
filmed and edited by Carina Khorkhordina

Eric Bauer, Axel Dörner, Denis Esakov, Carina Khorkhordina in Französisch Buchholz

Eric Bauer – double wind wand bullroarer, balls, box
Axel Dörner – trumpet
Denis Esakov – camera drone
Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet

Französisch Buchholz, Berlin, October 2021

filmed and edited by Carina Khorkhordina
sound recorded and edited by Axel Dörner

Gefördert durch die Akademie der Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Programms NEUSTART KULTUR und durch das Arbeitsstipendium Ernste Musik und Klangkunst 2021 des Berliner Senats

Klub Demboh Studies 1 – 4

A series of 4 performances took place at Petersburg Art Space in Berlin in August and September 2021 with our special guests :

Kalle Mews - acting, performance
Antoine Hummel - poetry and pigeon gaze
Mano Hiroki - live cooking, performance
Lena Czerniawska - performance and visuals


Pierre Borel - saxophone
Antonio Borghini - bass
Mia Dyberg - saxophone
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Korhan Erel - electronics
Michael Griener - percussion
Joel Grip - bass
Anil Eraslan - cello
Carina Khorkhordina - trumpet
Frauke Nowak - movement
Marie Takahashi - viola

Camera : Carina Khorkhordina, Anil Eraslan, Merve Salgar, Joey Gavin
Sound : Axel Dörner
Editing : Anil Eraslan

Eric Bauer / Carina Khorkhordina: Vögel und Käfer

Eric, Axel and I arrived at the location on a Sunday, expecting to find the space relatively empty. On weekdays it's a busy backyard with car repair, hospital ward, rehearsal spaces and other things. Despite Sunday, three workers of Käferservice were busy loading what looked like heavy auto parts. We exchanged a few words with one of them; he was friendly and wished us to enjoy our recording. We took this as a clear sign that they didn't mind us filming while they worked. They expressed no protest when I set up the camera and throughout the piece. After we were done, the same man approached us and demanded to delete the video. Instead of such radical step we came to an agreement that the work will go through some censorship.

Eric Bauer – balls, cracklebox, double wind wand bullroarer
Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet
filmed and edited by Carina Khorkhordina
sound recorded by Axel Dörner
Neighborhood Guide
Berlin, 2021