Carina Khorkhordina

Trumpet player, Photographer, Videomaker and Interdisciplinary artist | Berlin

Slurge & Eleni Poulou

tape out on Prepaid Records 2024
recorded at ExRotaprint Berlin 2019-2023

Berlin-based SLURGE supergroup wanders through the remnants of what once was left and what still stays as it will be. Joining is Eleni Poulou for a half-spoken, half-sung description of the deriving sometimes hideous, sometimes psychedelically soothing jam-like examinations. Always ready for less, ever ready for more!
- a.

Eleni Poulou - voice, synth
Carina Khorkhodina - trumpet
Eric Bauer - electric guitar
Burkhard Beins - bass
Wolfgang Seidel - drums, synths